The museum offers several programs

and presentations for your group.

Most presentations are about an hour,

and include photographs, artifacts,

and PowerPoint presentations. All programs may be customized to meet your group's interests.


Current programs include:


Clawson, the Way it Was - PowerPoint presentation looks at the development of Clawson from the earliest settlers at the crossroads to the "Pivot of Progress" of the 20th century. Features a rare glimpse of houses, buildings, schools and other landmarks that people will readily recognize. Includes hands-on artifacts.


Historical Museum Virtual Tour - This PowerPoint presentation is ideal for groups with physical barriers to visiting the museum. Features a walk-through of the museum and includes interesting local history. Can be combined with other presentations.


Toys Games and Pasttimes - This program presents several dozen toys from the museum's collection, from early wooden toys through metal, plastic and electric toys of the 1930s. Games, dolls and other playthings demonstrate the development of technology of the 20th century, including the popularity of the automobile, roads and buildings, plastics and composites, batteries and electrical objects and radio.


Land Use, Past and Present - This PowerPoint based presentation focuses on several sites in Clawson, exploring how the land has been used since the early settlers through the present day. Includes time for discussion and opportunity for students to decide how they think land should be used.


Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - A treasure hunt suitable for all ages. This museum tour introduces visitors to ways people reused, repaired and recycled items before the "green" revolution.



Group tours of the musuem are available for groups up to 20. Tours are guided by knowledgeable, experienced and entertainig guides. We ask that you schedule group tours during hours when the museum is not open. There is no charge for group tours, but we would like two weeks notice to schedule your tour.


Keep in mind that there are several flights of stairs in the museum. If your group is physically unable to climb stairs, consider scheduling a program at your site.






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