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Two Square Miles II, More Heroes of a Small Town


Clawson resident Bill Hayes offers more fascinating biographies of local people who have made outstanding progress in their chosen fields.


By Bill Hayes




Clawson, the Way it Was


Retired curator Deloris Kumler's second book on Clawson history traces the development of the village from its earliest settlers through the turbulent 1970s. Includes stories and photographs.


by Deloris Kumler




Two Square Miles: The Heroes of a Small Town


Longtime resident Bill Hayes provides a fascinating look at dozens of Clawson natives who excelled in their chosen field. Includes scientists, inventors, sports heroes and other outstanding citizens.


by Bill Hayes




Images of America, Clawson


Part of the Images of America series, Clawson history is presented with hundreds of fascinating photographs and stories.

By Deloris Kumler




Pummychug, a Boy's Life In Clawson


Based on the memoirs of Maurice Blair, Pummychug, a Boy's Life in Clawson, tells eight true tales for younger readers. Includes illustrations by local students. Approximately 5th grade reading level.


by Melodie Nichols




Clawson caps, cotton with back adjustment. Gold lettering on dark blue cap.




Pummychug book

Pummychug, the Foundation of the Village of Clawson


Clawson native Maurice Blair recorded his recollections of Clawson from the late 19th and early 20th century. Mixed with humor and nostalgia, they provide an interesting look at the history of the village at the Crossroads.

Edited by Melodie Nichols







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