Summertime Fun - 1918 to 1930



A cabin near Algonac, 1922
Boating in Algonac, 1922
Beach bums, 1930
A family enjoying the summer sun, 1918
Family group on the beach, 1918
Strolling on Boblo Island, 1921
Unknown location, possibly near Algonac, about 1930
A successful catch, about 1918
More successful fishing, 1930s
Fisherwoman, 1918. She probably cleaned and cooked them herself, too.
Clawson City Park, Elmwood, 1918. It was known as Most's Woods at that time.
Leroy Phillips and Lester Robinson, Clawson, about 1910.
Island Lake Recreation Area, 1921
Casino at Island Lake, 1921. Casinos did not allow gambling; they were dance halls and restaurants that offered a variety of entertainments.
Time for romance, Kingsville Ontario, 1920
What game is this? Lexington, 1923
Bathers, 1921
Enjoying the beach, Mildred Baker, about 1920
Mildred Baker in a typical swimming costumer, 1920
Three-legged race, Algonac, 1920s.
Giant see-saw, 1921
Shell gatherers, 1930s
Tug-o-War contest, 1920s
On the Beach, 1918
Enjoying a refreshing watermelon, Clawson, 1920s





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