Down on Main Street - Clawson's Crossroads

E 14 Mile looking West
East 14 Mile, looking West, about 1920. The Lincoln Theatre can be seen on the left, still under construction. It burned about 1930. Robinson's store is on the right. The crossroads, looking East along 14 Mile. The Interurban tracks can be seen in the foreground heading along Main Street. A waiting station for the train is on the left.
Clawson State Savings Bank South East corner of intersection
The Clawson State Savings Bank opened in 1925. The original building was covered with white marble. The building is currently home to D'Nang Restaurant. Another view of the bank building shortly after completion. The smaller building to the right was a real estate office; later it was home to Western Auto Store.
Robinson's Store Robinson's second store
George Robinson's store on East 14 Mile, about 1920. Robinson's second store, which included gas pumps, later 1920s.
Robinsons interior South Main Street
The interior of Robinson's store. George Robinson is at the right. The store offered a wide variety of items, from hardware to fresh vegetables. This picture of South Main Street clearly shows the Interurban tracks. It was taken about 1925.
Stores on South Main 1925 Southwest corner
Several businesses occupied the South West corner of Main Street prior to the current building. Shown here, about 1926, are a drug store, a confectionary and a plumber's office. The Sloan building, shown here in 1938, was built in 1928. It housed James Hunter's Drug Store, which was later Class Pharmacy, among other businesses.
14 Mile Construction North east corner
In 1928, 14 Mile Road was widened and paved. The businesses at the north were removed, and a new building built farther north. This photo shows the construction of the new road, and the new stores. The building is currently home to the Black Lotus Brewery and Fairway Tile. Lawson's lumber can be seen farther along the road. The buildings on the northeast corner after completion of the road work, looking much as they do today.
Thorton's hardware oldest building
Thornton's hardware was on the West side of South Main. This photo dates from the early 20s. The tall brick building is the oldest building still standing in Clawson, dating from about 1925. This photo was taken in 1969, but the building can be seen in many of the older photographs of the crossroads.
Levy building First City Hall
The Levy building is on the East side of South Main Street, south of the old bank building. It was once home to the Post Office, a real estate office, and a grocery store. The motorcycle policeman is Les Straub. The first City Hall stood on West 14 Mile Road. The jail was in the basement. The site is currently a parking lot.
Theatre theatre marquee
A new theatre was built on West 14 Mile in the 1940s. Shown here about 1959, it was in operation until the early 60s. Next door is the old Ambassador Roller Rink, currently home to Leon and Lulu. The original theatre ticket booth, with Hannah Rock. The three Rock sisters worked at the theatre, along with other local kids. They made their own uniforms from fabric the theatre owners provided.
Mill intersection
This Mill was the second to stand near the North east corner. This picture dates from about 1900. It was a steam powered saw mill, later converted to a grist mill. The intersection, mid 1920s, looking at the north west corner. The building housed Weeder Compton gas and coal. Later a Texaco station run by Russ Davis occupied the site. It is now the home of Pizza Hut.
intersection 1900 West 14 Mile
The picture was taken from South Main, looking north at the intersection. Charles Baker's store and home are on the left. An interurban train can be seen near the center. West 14 Mile, before the 1928 paving. It was then known as the Clawson Road. This photo is looking east toward the village. The barn on the left was part of the Reid family farm.





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