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Do You Use A Smartphone? Take our QR Virtual History Tour!

Quick Response codes are appearing everywhere these days, and downtown Clawson is not exception. We hope to soon have permanent codes for several buildings in the downtown area, but until then, you can pick up a brochure at the museum that includes codes for over a dozen sites. Scan the codes with your Smartphone, and you will be directed to the Oakland County Regional Historic Sites website, where you will instantly be connected with historic images the building you are touring. Brochures are available free of charge at the museum, Clawson City Hall, and the Blair Memorial Library.




Did you know....from 1906 through the 1980s you could order a house through the mail and have all the pieces delivered, ready to assemble? In addition to Sears and Montgomery Ward, three Michigan-based companies offered houses that could be purchased pre-cut and ready to assemble in all the popular modern styles of the day. Dozens of these homes dot the countryside, and many of them are right here in Clawson.


A self-guided tour of two dozen Clawson kit homes dating from 1915 through the 1930s is now available. The 12-page book features information on various home companies, as well as photographs and a map of Clawson marking locations of the houses. Only $2.00, or free with any other book purchase.


Click here for a sneak preview of a few local kit homes




The Clawson Historical Society aids in supporting the Clawson Historical Museum and promotes education and enjoyment of our local history resources. If you would like to be involved, visit our membership and volunteer pages.

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Downtown Clawson, early 1920s. Interurban tracks can be seen heading north and south on Main Street, while cars are parked along East 14 Mile (Clawson Road.) An Interurban waiting station can be seen at the near left. The Detroit United Railway (DUR) began service through Clawson in 1899, and ran continuously until 1931.


Sparkey, our mascot

Meet Sparkey!

This little fellow is an electric cigarette lighter from the 1920's. He is made of cast iron and wears a ribbon around his neck. Where do you think you put the cigarette to light it? Even though he no longer functions, he is still an interesting article and graces many of the pages of our website.



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